Submission Fee

As of January 1, 2021, "European Journal of Breast Health" charges a submission fee of $50 for all "original articles, case reports and reviews" submitted manuscripts from the authors during the first submission.

You can make your payments via two options of credit card (3D secure) and remittance methods.

**If you make your payment via remittance, please send your purchase receipt to the email address "[email protected]" and upload it while submitting your manuscript.

**If you make your payment via 3D secure Vpos method, the payment link for your submission will be sent to your email address for you to purchase.

**Authors do not need to make a payment for the resubmissions.

**Please note that the submission fee purchase affects neither the evaluation process of the manuscript nor priority.

**The article types of editorial comment, image in clinical practice, current opinion and letter to the editor are free of charge.The services provided in this context are the provision of systems for editors and authors, editorial work, provision of article designs, the establishment of indexing links, provision of other publishing services and support services.

You can take a look at the unbiased article evaluation process here. If you find a problem with the open access status of your article or licensing, you can contact [email protected].

After your submission to the Eur J Breast Health evaluation system, the submission fees are collected from you or through your fund provider, institution or sponsor.

Eur J Breast Health regularly reviews the fees of submission fees and may change the fees for submission fees. When determining the costs for Eur J Breast Health submission fees, it decides according to the following developments.

Quality of the journal,

Editorial and technical processes of the journal,

Market conditions,

Other revenue streams associated with the journal

You can find the submission fees fee list here.

When and How do I pay?

After the article is submitted to the Eur J Breast Health online evaluation system, an email regarding payment instructions will be sent to the corresponding author.

The editorial review process will be initiated after the payment has been made for the article.

There are two options to purchase the submission fee:

1- Making a remittance

The payment is needed to be made to the account number below. While purchasing the submission fee, please indicate your article manuscript title in the payment description section.

Account no/IBAN: TR49 0011 1000 0000 0098 1779 82 (TL)

                                TR17 0011 1000 0000 0098 5125 29 (USD)

                                TR73 0011 1000 0000 0098 5125 88 (EUR)

Account name: Meme Hastalıkları Dernekleri Federasyonu İktisadi İşletmesi

Branch code (QNB Finans Bank Cerrahpaşa): 1020


NOTE: All authors must pay the bank wire fee additionally. Otherwise, the deducted amount of the submission fee is requested from the author.

2- Virtual POS method (Credit card payment with 3D Secure)

The payment link will be sent to you for your purchase. You can contact us if you have further questions in this regard.

If you believe payment instructions are not in your email contact us via the email addresses [email protected] and [email protected]

Refund policy:

The Eur J Breast Health will refund the overpayments of the submission fees for the same article or in case of multiple payments by the authors and financiers as free submission fees payment code to be used in the submission fees system.

Withdrawal of the article; There is no refund for articles whose editorial review has started in the Eur J Breast Health system. You can view article retraction policies here.

Returning the article to the author; The European Journal of Breast Health will refund the submission fees with a coupon code if the article is returned to the author. Using this code, authors can use the submission fees of different articles without making a new payment. You can view article return policies here.

Rejecting or accepting the article The European Journal of Breast Health does not refund any submission fees for articles whose editorial process has started, and the process has been completed.