Research Article


  • Emine Ekici
  • Nevin Utkualp

Received Date: 22.06.2007 Accepted Date: 18.07.2007 Eur J Breast Health 2007;3(3):136-139


Among women worldwide, breast cancer is the most common cancer. Breast cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death among women in Turkey (after lung cancer). So, all women should be informed about risk factors, prevention, signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

This study was made to evaluate breast self-examination of women who work university as an instructor.


This descriptive study was made on women instructors who accept participation this study and work university. This study sample was 67 women instructors who work university except health science. In this study data were obtained questionnaires form that developed by researchers. Data were obtain face to face interview.


According to this study 13% of women instructors, have performed breast self-examination, 20% have had clinical breast examination. In this study it is found that, age, marital status, smoking did not eff ect behaviors of breast self-examination but women instructors who have family history of breast cancer performed breast self-examination more than other women instructors.


It is found that most of the women instructors didn’t perform monthly breast self-examination. According to this study it is suggested that, women instructors should be performed about risk factors, symptoms and prevention of breast cancer and researches should be made to detect factors that aff ecting women behaviors about performing preventing activities.

Keywords: Breast cancer, breast self-examination, woman instructors