Original Article

Validity and Reliability of Turkish Male Breast Self-Examination Instrument


  • Özüm Erkin
  • İlknur Göl

Received Date: 16.08.2017 Accepted Date: 05.10.2017 Eur J Breast Health 2018;14(2):121-126


This study aims to measure the validity and reliability of Turkish male breast self-examination (MBSE) instrument.

Materials and Methods:

The methodological study was performed in 2016 at Ege University, Faculty of Nursing, İzmir, Turkey. The MBSE includes ten steps. For validity studies, face validity, content validity, and construct validity (exploratory factor analysis) were done. For reliability study, Kuder Richardson was calculated.


The content validity index was found to be 0.94. Kendall W coefficient was 0.80 (p=0.551). The total variance explained by the two factors was found to be 63.24%. Kuder Richardson 21 was done for reliability study and found to be 0.97 for the instrument. The final instrument included 10 steps and two stages.


The Turkish version of MBSE is a valid and reliable instrument for early diagnose. The MBSE can be used in Turkish speaking countries and cultures with two stages and 10 steps.

Keywords: Male breast cancer, male breast self-examination, Turkish, validity, reliability