Research Article


  • Hatice Biçen Yılmaz
  • Handan Aksüyek

Received Date: 23.01.2012 Accepted Date: 14.03.2012 Eur J Breast Health 2012;8(2):76-80


Despite being down with breast cancer in the high proportion, regularly checking breast self-examination by most women , which is one of the first steps of the early diagnosis , and starting effective treatment early have significantly reduced the rate of death. This research was made with the aim of understanding the vital importance of early diagnosis in the treatment of breast cancer and how many women are aware of the significance of early diagnosis.

Patients and Methods:

The surver questions were asked to 3000 women whose ages vary from 30 to 69 with the intention of researching their awareness of breast cancer and of the importance of early diagnosis, and the selfresponsibilities for their own bodies . Yet, 2897 women accepted to give answers to the surver questions.


The results of surver made was analysed by means of SPSS programme. (Statistical Package for Social Sciences). According to the results of survers, the women are aware that the most remarkable responsibility for examining their bodies belongs to the women themselves. Although the rate of self-breast checking is a high proportion, it has been observed that frequency of consulting a doctor with the aim of early diagnosis of breast cancer takes place at the low rate.


Despite the thought that health institutions should be the unique places where you can be informed about early diagnosis of breast cancer, it has been observed as a result of surver analysis that most of women is reluctant to consult the health institutions for having information about. The programmes relating to the health in both visual and printed media should be broadcast under the supervision of the Health Ministry , and as a consequence of those facilities provided by not only visual but also printed media , the exact information should be given to people.

Keywords: breast cancer, early diagnosis, awareness