Original Article

Evaluation of Women over 20 Years Living in the Province of Samsun in Terms of Risk of Breast Cancer


  • Servet Aker
  • Hatice Öz
  • Ebru Kaynar Tunçel

Received Date: 12.05.2014 Accepted Date: 01.07.2014 Eur J Breast Health 2014;10(4):229-233


The purpose of this study was to assess women aged over 20 living in the province of Samsun in terms of risk of breast cancer.

Materials and Methods:

The study population of this descriptive research consisted of 410,377 women aged over 20 living within the administrative borders of the province of Samsun. Stratified systematic sampling was employed in the selection of an 800-member sample. A questionnaire was used drawn up by the authors and inquiring into women’s demographic characteristics and risk factors for breast cancer. Surveys were performed between 01.04.2013 and 30.06.2013 at face-to-face interviews at individuals’ home addresses. The Gail model was used in calculating women’s risk levels for breast cancer.


3.1% of women had a first-degree relative (mother, sister or daughter) with a history of breast cancer; 1.4% of women had a history of breast cancer and 8.0% a history of benign breast changes, while 50.4% of women who had entered the menopause were overweight or obese. We determined that 11.3% of women had a high risk of contracting breast cancer within the following 5 years.


Determining the distribution of risk factors for breast cancer is important in terms of identifying the at-risk group and will represent the basis for developing future programs.

Keywords: Breast cancer, risk factors, Gail model