Research Article


  • Oya Kavlak
  • Hatice Bal Yılmaz
  • Şeyda Dülgerler

Received Date: 15.02.2010 Accepted Date: 16.07.2010 Eur J Breast Health 2010;6(4):141-144


This research was carried out for determination of breastfeeding and cancer researches.

Materials and Methods:

Our study was planned as a descriptive and survey research. This study was done by searching with key word “breastfeeding and cancer” from 640 researches on Pub Med. The sample of study was composed of 305 abstracts of researches between 1998 and 2007 (for 10 years). Total 208 researches (70 reviews, 3 case studies, 14 literature reviews, 86 out of subject, 35 no abstract) were out of limited by study. This research was carried out by examination of 97 research abstracts.


44.3% of research was issue between 2005-2007 years, 76.3% was studied with women population, 64.9% was interested in breastfeeding and cancer, 35.1% was interested in breastfed and cancer. 61.9% of research was case-control study, 72.2% was statistically significant between breastfeeding and cancer. 57.7% was breast cancer, 20.6% was childhood cancer (especially leukemia) of research cases.


In conclusion the most of the studies were statistically significant between breastfeeding and cancer.

Keywords: breastfeeding, breastfed, cancer