Original Article

Determination of the Health Belief and Attitude of Women Regarding Breast Cancer and Breast Self-Exam


  • Gül Ertem
  • Yelda Candan Dönmez
  • Eda Dolgun

Received Date: 23.02.2016 Accepted Date: 04.05.2016 Eur J Breast Health 2017;13(2):62-66


This study has been carried out with the purpose of determining the belief and attitude of women regarding breast cancer and breast self-exam and the factors which affect the performance frequency of breast self-exam and it is a descriptive kind of study.

Materials and Methods:

Data has been collected through questionnaire forms created by the researchers based on literature information and Champion Health Belief Model Scale. Data collection was collected via face-to-face interviews with the patients. Questionnaire forms were applied to 350 women who accepted to participate in the study. Data was analyzed frequency, percentage, t-test and x2 test with SPSS for Windows 12.0.


Average age of women who were included in the study was found to be 33.25±10.27. Average point for the sensitivity sub-dimension of the women within the scope of study was 7.79±2.38, average score for the seriousness sub-dimension 23.30±5.82, average score for the benefit sub-dimension 15.48±4.03, average score for the obstacle sub-dimension was 26.34±7.64, average score of health motivation sub-dimension was 32.77±9.11 and average score for the self-confidence sub-dimension was 25.20±5.02.


The beliefs of women regarding the subject should be developed by providing in-service training regarding breast cancer and breast self-exam. It can be suggested that studies be carried out analyzing the effect of the attempts for increasing the performance frequency of breast selfexam of women on the beliefs and attitudes.

Keywords: Breast self-exam, breast cancer, health beliefs