Original Article

Complications Associated with Loco-Regional Treatment of Breast Cancer and Their Impact on Quality-of-Life


  • Beyza Özçınar
  • Sertaç Ata Güler
  • Nazmiye Kocaman
  • Mine Özkan
  • Bahadır M. Güllüoğlu
  • Vahit Özmen

Received Date: 22.05.2018 Accepted Date: 24.07.2018 Eur J Breast Health 2019;15(1):51-58


Aim of this prospective study was to determine the complications of different treatment modalities for breast cancer and assess their impact on patients’ quality-of-life and psychological status.

Materials and Methods:

Patients surgically treated for early-stage breast cancer were enrolled in the study. Complications after treatment and quality-of-life parameters were measured and recorded.


218 patients, all female with a median age of 48 (19-82) years, were included in the study. In early period, significant limitation of shoulder movements, increased pain and decreased in functional capacity were observed, whereas in mid-term, all shoulder movements, as well as pain and functional capacity returned normal. In both early period and mid-terms, anxiety scores were significantly decreased, whereas depression scores were significantly increased. In early period, there was a significant decrease in physical and mental area scores. Social area scores were significantly increased, whereas environmental, mental and physical area scores were significantly decreased in mid-term and late period.


Overall, patients’ quality-of-life was found to be significantly deteriorated in both early period and mid-term and returned to pretreatment period at long term follow up.

Keywords: Breast cancer, quality-of-life, chronic pain, axillary dissection, radiotherapy