Case Report

Bilateral Breast Abscess Caused by E.coli in a Non-lactating Woman: A Rare Case


  • Gürcan Şimşek
  • Ebubekir Gündeş
  • Şakir Tekin
  • Şakir Tavlı

Received Date: 03.12.2012 Accepted Date: 17.03.2013 Eur J Breast Health 2014;10(3):174-176

Breast abscess usually occurs during lactation and the responsible organism is often S.Aureus. Breast abscess in non-lactating women is extremely rare and limited data is available in the literature regarding this entity. In our study, a 36-year-old non-lactating female patient who developed bilateral breast abscess due to E.coli infection without any predisposing factors has been discussed in light of the literature.

Keywords: Breast abscess, E.coli, infection