Original Article

The Effect of Socio-Economic-Cultural Factors on Breast Cancer


  • Abdurahman Kuzhan
  • Mustafa Adlı

Received Date: 25.07.2014 Accepted Date: 18.11.2014 Eur J Breast Health 2015;11(1):17-21


Socioeconomic and cultural factors influence breast cancer prognosis. The effect of these factors on breast cancer was evaluated among women who live in Gaziantep and its surroundings.

Materials and Methods:

female patients who were admitted to Gaziantep University Oncology Hospital with a diagnosis of breast cancer between October 2006-July 2013 were included in the study. The effects of socio-demographic characteristics on clinical-pathological features were evaluated.


The mean age of 813 women was 48.8 years. The majority were premenopausal women. Advanced stage disease on diagnosis was detected more in our region. The rate of breast cancer with unfavorable prognostic features was higher among patients who were illiterate, with low economic income and residing in rural areas.


Socioeconomic-cultural factors influence the biology and clinical course of breast cancer among women who live in Gaziantep province.

Keywords: Breast cancer, socioeconomic status, hormone receptor status