Case Report


  • Hakan Yabanoğlu
  • Mahmut Can Yağmurdur
  • Beyhan Demirhan

Received Date: 12.05.2011 Accepted Date: 20.05.2011 Eur J Breast Health 2012;8(3):146-149

Breast diseases have a broad spectrum. They may be seen in the form of a simple cystic disease or may occur as advanced stage malign diseases with more complicated treatment. Although in this broad spectrum cystosarcoma pyhllodes and atypical ductal carcinoma are rarely seen breast disaese, their diagnosis and treatment are becoming hard because of the carrying risk of malignancy and the false negativity during radiologic evaluation. Both of these disaeses have a risk of malignancy and they can be seen together simultaneoosly in a one patient. This stiuation increases the importance of their diagnosis and treatment. Usually these pathologies are not seen together but in our case they have been detected simultaneously at the same patient as a first time in the literature. In this case report, we presented simultaneously detected atypical ductal carcinoma and phyllodes tumor on the left breast of 69 years old female patient. There was a palpabl mass on the upper quadrant of the patient’s left breast. After total removal of the mass, atypical ductal carcinoma and phyllodes tumor was detected simultaneously as a result of the pathological examination.

Keywords: cystosarcoma phyllodes tumor, hyperplasia, breast diseaseslesions