Original Article

An Adaptation of the Short-Form Supportive Care Needs Survey Questionnaire (SCNS-SF 34) into Turkish


  • Türkan Özbayır
  • Özlem Soyer Geçkil
  • Arzu Aslan

Received Date: 26.09.2016 Accepted Date: 07.11.2016 Eur J Breast Health 2017;13(4):183-188


In the study, Adaptation of The Short-Form Supportive Care Needs Survey Questionnaire (SCNS-SF 34) into Turkish, examination of its validity and reliability was aimed at.

Materials and Methods:

The study was carried out between May and July, 2016 with 170 patients. The socio-demographic and clinical status was analyzed by means of number averages and standard deviation. After language validity, the content validity index was calculated. The split-scale analyses, which are reliability internal consistency tests, were performed with the Cronbach α coefficient and total item correlation. For structure validity, exploratory factor analysis was used.


The average age of the patients is 55.53±11.43 years and average time since diagnosis is 5.69±5.06 years. The content validity index of the scale was calculated as 0.83. The Cronbach α coefficient is 0.93. In terms of the item total score correlation, all correlation coefficients except items 18 and 19 were between 0.36 and 0.81 and p<0.001. Items 18 and 19 were excluded. Following the exploratory factor analysis, items 13, 17 and 32 were excluded as their two detected high weight values were below 0.10. The descriptive factor analysis of item 29, four factors with eigenvalues over one and the total variance described by these four values was 68.83%. The factors were determined to be healthcare service and informing, psychology, sexuality and daily life.


It was confirmed that the SCNS-SF 29Tr is a valid and reliable means for the Turkish society for the determination of the supportive care needs of breast cancer patients.

Keywords: Supportive care, breast cancer, validity, reliability